I’m trying to build a business. A business that gets consumable hardware to the little guy; the journeyman, the handyman, the homeowner. A business that’s committed to keeping costs low and quality high. The first incarnation of Tips & bits was selling as just a dude through E-Bay, i.e. getting the feet wet. On the tip of my dad I found that I could sell nailer “no-mar” tips cheaper than anyone and still make a dime. The product was good and the demand was there. Now T’ve started adding items and converted to an actual E-Bay store:


All is well and good, however, I felt this business needed something a little more than the business end. It needed a soul. A soul that lets you know where our thoughts are at and maybe even lend some good ideas to those that are looking.

That’s what this site is. I’m linking you to the web-store, but I’m hoping to give you something worth looking at and letting you know that it’s more than just the sales we’re concerned about.

Most importantly, I’d like you to be a part of this. i’d like you to spread the word when you see a good blog or a a good part on the web store. I’d like you to let us know if there’s something you’d like to see or something you’re having a hard time buying and would like us to look into. So, by all means let me know!