‘Tis the Season for New Products

The holidays are nearing an end. Christmas clearance is well under way. As things slow down it’s now the time to look for sweet product sourcing deals. I always find it a challenge at this point not to go wild at the prospects of 75% off, or better, of merchandise. It’s still important to have a discerning eye and not act like it’s an episode of Supermarket Sweep. Lot’s of products are purely seasonal and will need to wait nearly a year before there’s any opportunity to sell and a lot of that is junk.

At these times, it’s important to remember the sales model/priorities I’ve been giving my web store. Namely:

  • Non-durable hardware-oriented goods
  • Niches that a little sales guy like me can hit, but be overlooked by “giants”
  • Things that ship efficiently so as not to eat into the revenue

The trouble with a lot of these product is that they are the things needed throughout the year and are about as sexy a gift as vacuum cleaner bags.

This year, however, I did notice that sitting on certain toys can provide a good ROI. I still consider this high risk as it’s hard to tell what will be worthwhile to buy at times. So it may be worthwhile to make a few small investments in the fun stuff, but I will keep that limited. Maybe 10% or 15% of my budget. The remainder of the budget will be on filling the above goals.

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