Fresh Sales

Not all the products I acquire sell well. In fact, I have quite the stockpile of “slow movers”. There are even a few that I’m trying to find the best way to liquidate as they are not likely to move at all and are just taking up space in the home warehouse. Maybe those would be a good thing to  start testing out a storefront on here? Cutting out the EBay 10% of flesh? Nah. The one thing I’m trying to abide by is KISS “Keep It Simple, Stupid”. For me that means a single point of transaction and this site/blog. Complication may add diversity to the approach, but I need this to stay a side gig compared to my full time job.

Still, there are some products that are just slow movers. Looking at them in the bins day by day can give rise to impatience, but still these are good items that are well priced. They’re just not at the level of demand of the no-mar tips or the torx sets.

s-l1600 (1)

In this case I’m thinking about a few square head bits I recently sold. I’ve had these since the beginning and this might be the second sale of them. This is totally okay. The product fits my business model and someone somewhere eventually will need a deal on them.

In thinking about it, some of the items that haven’t moved also haven’t fit the business model of being small and consumable. I’ll have to take that as a lesson. There will be time to expand on the business and the types of things offered, but I can’t suffer buying crap to try to make a quick turn. Good service and quality product need to meet competitive price for this venture to work.

In the meantime, anyone need a really cheap utility knife set? :/





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