Time for the semi-annual restock. I was starting to run low on a few of the staple products. A few items had already run out. Their absence was likely contributing to the recent sales slump. Still, it was worthwhile to wait a little bit to get my order price to qualify for free shipping. Buying… Read More


I seem to have hit a temporary lull in my sales. I’m not too concerned, but there is the interesting observation that my store may fly against the typical retail pattern. That is, my “tips and bits” aren’t really gift-type items. Instead they are consumables that those working on projects and such require to do… Read More

Trying New Things

The year has been a busy one for building the TipsnBits brand. I’ve more than doubled my product inventory and have already met sales goals for the year. I am actively looking to expand my audience/reach and improve my abilities to reach the market. The business is still very modest, but the potential is starting… Read More

‘Tis the Season for New Products

The holidays are nearing an end. Christmas clearance is well under way. As things slow down it’s now the time to look for sweet product sourcing deals. I always find it a challenge at this point not to go wild at the prospects of 75% off, or better, of merchandise. It’s still important to have… Read More

Fresh Sales

Not all the products I acquire sell well. In fact, I have quite the stockpile of “slow movers”. There are even a few that I’m trying to find the best way to liquidate as they are not likely to move at all and are just taking up space in the home warehouse. Maybe those would… Read More

Work Hard, Play Hard

One of the fun things about starting my EBay store is both finding and selecting products. I had started E-Bay selling about two years ago. In that time I was looking for anything I thought I could sell generating a little revenue and providing value to the customer. It turns out, after shipping and fees… Read More

Building a Business

Tips and Bits was started on a simple concept: provide the things that wear out at top value. We are  in the process of building a quality website. Until then, check out our offerings on EBay, or contact us with a part you need and we’ll get you the best deal we can find. Best,… Read More